What is KineMaster: Becoming a Pro Video Editing is Easy

Date 06/03/2024
What is KineMaster? how does it use? In this article, APKLoky will go into detail and show you how to use this software.

What is KineMaster?

This is an KineMaster application on smartphones often used by YouTubers to edit videos with a lot of features such as cutting, merging, inserting music, and voice dubbing, … not inferior to editing software on computers.
kinemaster APK
Not only YouTubers, but anyone who needs to edit videos on their phone can use this app.
The application has many different frame sizes to suit all user needs, the video quality that the software outputs can be up to 4K resolution, and many other qualities that users can freely choose. (Note that the quality of the video that the application outputs depends on the hardware as well as the resolution that your device supports).
Application also can automatically recognize the device hardware as well as automatically adjust the settings inside the application to make and export videos in the best way. Not only that, a warehouse of sound effects is ready for you to use with funny sound images and sticks to make your videos more interesting.

Free KineMaster Premium version features:

  • Unlock all functions, allowing to export videos in the best quality
  • Remove ads inside the app
  • You can freely download effects and stickers at the store
  • Remove the copyright logo when exporting the video
  • With KineMaster Pro Mod unlocked full version for free hope you will get the most interesting videos to share with friends and relatives

Kinemaster interface:

KineMaster has a smart interface, you can see that all the features are clear. The Media panel is the big circle on the right, where you can import media, record voiceovers, create new layers, or access the KineMaster Sample Store.
When you select the layer you want to edit, it will display all the tools on the right, making your selection quite easy.

Editing capabilities:

The editing capabilities on KineMaster are impressive. Depending on the power of your device, KineMaster allows you to work on multiple layers in a project.
You have access to a lot of editing tools, like color adjustment slider, video cropping, rotate, flip, speed, filters, opacity, etc Kinemaster Pro Key Features



Editing is easy and flexible video editing tool. Kinemaster Pro has adjustment tools such as Adjust hue, saturation, and lighting – these are the factors that determine the prominence and quality of your video.

Easily export and save videos with high quality

This tool will give you the ability to export videos with HD, Full HD, QHD 4K resolution, and sharpness. Currently, there are very few applications on the market that are capable of editing and exporting videos with 4K 3fps quality without blurring or breaking when playing videos on TV.\

Various transitions and effects Wide variety

of transitions and effects is one of the strong points of the application. To create a more outstanding video you can use effects such as mosaic, gaussian blur, etc. Kinemaster is integrated with a lot of different effects and is especially completely free if you make a subscription.

Social Media

Kinemaster Pro will help you find collaborators and share your videos on various social networking platforms and enjoy with your friends and people around. This application is very suitable for those who sell, advertise, and delight in creating their ideas.

Supports video output up to 4k 30fps

With the ability to output videos up to 4k, the video sharpness and detail are high thanks to the 4x increase in pixel density and 30fps frame rate, which makes the video sharper. sharper and smoother. In addition, this feature is difficult to appear on video editing applications, making the application special and gaining the trust of many people.

Support for voiceover, background music, and sound effects in videos

When editing videos you can incorporate your favorite sound effects or match the scene in the video to create amazing videos. The built-in Equalizers give users the freedom to create amazing effects.

Simple Kinemaster for PC Installation Instructions

Currently, there is no official version of Kinemaster for PC but if you want to use Kinemaster on Windows or Mac, you can download and use it with an Emulator.
To use the app on PC, follow the steps below:
  •  Emulate the Bluestacks to your computer.
  • After the download is complete, open the .exe file and click Install Now and wait for the installation.
  • Wait for the emulator to install, the installation process is fast or slow depending on the configuration of the computer.
    After the installation is complete, the interface of Bluestacks when the installation is complete.
  • At this point, the emulator will ask you to log in to your Gmail account to use Google Play. You do this by selecting “Sign in” and using your Gmail account to log in.
  • At the main screen, select the CH Playbox, type the name Kinemaster in the search box for games and applications, and select Settings to download the application.

Pros and cons of Kinemaster


In the Pro version of the application you will have to pay but in return you will receive many powerful tools. You’ll also have an easier-to-use interface. Without that, when you download the video, there will be no logo and free use of limited features.


High in-app purchase price
Sometimes difficult to select a clip you want to move or edit


In short, KineMaster is one of the most popular video editing applications today. Because the application is easy to use, you just need to enter the application and become a professional editor. The application includes many powerful tools and is very easy to use. If you want to use all the advanced features and not have the KineMaster logo when exporting videos, choosing the paid subscription will not make you regret it.

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