What is Spotify? Should You Use Spotify Or Not?

Date 20/12/2023

The Spotify application is used a lot to listen to music because of its convenience and huge music store. This is a genuine music streaming platform, bringing you many diverse music genres.To date, the most used platform for listening to podcasts and listening to music helps users have extremely comfortable relaxing moments. Let’s learn about Spotify and the highlights of this platform with APKLoky in the article below!

About Spotify

Spotify is a music application produced by Spotify AB in Sweden. Spotify’s application allows users to have access to listen to songs, videos, podcasts,… from artists and speakers around the world. Giving users moments of relaxation, not only that, but we can also find inspiration at work.

What is Spotify?

The Spotify APK application has similar features to other applications such as Apple Music, Zing MP3,…, and users can listen to music directly on it for free. To do this, Spotify  has been divided into two versions: Premium and free. The free service can be said to be one of Spotify’s advantages compared to other music players.

With Spotify’s outstanding advantages compared to other music listening applications, you will enjoy great features and experience new songs through the application without having to pay.

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Spotify Premium costs $10 per month. With this premium plan, you can request any song available on the app platform and be used offline for songs in the catalog. In addition, convenience is also evident in the fact that users can use Spotify Premium for free for one month before updating.

Spotify’s difference from other non-copyrighted music sites is that this application uses DRM security technology to prevent copyright theft from other individuals or organizations. Thanks to that, musicians, singers, or individuals who want to post or promote their music products can safely use Spotify.

Create Music Playlist Easily On Spotify

Spotify’s advantages are more prominent than other music listening applications
  You will be shown that creating playlists is very simple and easy. Create your own playlists to store and build a huge music store based on your own preferences, allowing you to listen to your favorite music without being randomly assigned to songs of other genres. ..
In addition, running playlists continuously will not make you tired of searching and transferring music if you don’t like it.
If you love a singer or music genre with updated content, the playlist will recommend and automatically play music, helping you catch the latest music trends and update more of your favorite songs. in your playlist. To be able to create your own playlist, you need to create an album and name it. Next, search for the name of the artist or song you want to add. Finally, proceed to select each song in the album.

Advantages of Spotify compared to other music apps:

It is no coincidence that Spotify is used by tens of millions of people around the world and pays monthly fees, it must of course have superior advantages in terms of functionality and quality. sound, … to be able to attract visitors. So what are the advantages of Spotify compared to other music apps? Let’s find out with APK LOKY through the list listed below.

Rich, diverse, and highly copyrighted music store

Treasure of songs, videos, podcasts, … has reached more than 40 million products to serve users. With such a huge number, it is possible to satisfy the demand for preferences for customers. Just enter keywords in the search box, and you will easily find what you want to listen to without spending much time. In addition, this application is the perfect storage place for individuals and groups to compose music. The songs will be copyrighted and played with high quality, “brain stealing” music will not be allowed on the platform.

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Discover new music Music

discovery is really an outstanding advantage developed by Spotify. Here, based on the number of searches, and playlists, the application can give results about your music preferences. From there, it constantly suggests or makes recommendations about songs of the same genre or performed by your favorite singer. Connect with friends

Through Spotify APP, you can track and know the music taste of friends and family because Facebook is the way for you to register the application. Based on this social network, the music platform will find your acquaintances, then search their favorite playlists and let you know this information. This can help you share and chat with people with similar interests.

Elevate Playlist

Creative Playlist with many topics about sports, love, friendship, … always updated with music genres that suit your preferences. To help create excitement, the right mood for the situation or emotion that you are expressing.

Support on most devices

Music on Spotify can be transmitted and played on devices with support such as PC, Smart TVs, smart speakers, Xbox One/PS4, phones, and laptops,…

Should you use Spotify APP or not?

With the advantages of Spotify compared to other music apps, should it be used? The answer to this question depends on the user’s requirements.
If you want to use free apps, have high sound quality, and experience new features, then use Spotify. Or in case you are too confused about how to choose, then you can use two or three music platforms, to be able to come to a conclusion as to which app is right for you and delete the rest. again.

 How much data does the Spotify app use?

Often the amount of data that the Spotify APK application uses will depend heavily on the quality of the streaming music that the user chooses. Specifically:

– On average, an hour of music playback will use about 50MB of data if the user chooses the “normal” quality.

– Users can listen to music for 24 hours with 1GB of data when listening at normal quality.

– If users listen to music with high quality and use 1GB capacity, they will only listen for less than 15 hours.

– If the user listens to music at the highest music quality, it will last 7 hours with 1GB.

– In case users watch videos, more data will be used.

– Users can conduct tests, and change the quality of online music playback. Also, download songs using the mobile data installed on your device.

– Players can stream high-quality music online.

– In case users listen to music online, songs will be performed in Ogg Vorbis format, using the following bit-rates for each quality level such as Normal 96kbps, high-quality 160kbps, and highest 320kbps.

Often the level of quality users use will depend on their preferences and choices around mobile data usage. However, only subscribers to the Spotify Premium plan will receive the highest level of tuning.

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