What Is Meitu APP: New Style Selfie Trend 2024

Date 17/12/2023

Selfie app from China or Meitu APK is an image editing software used mainly in mainland China but is also very popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It provides photo editing tools: Set filtering, editing, Collage and photo decoration, etc. Currently, there are more than 1 billion Meitu APP users.

About Meitu APP Xiu Xiu

What is Meitu APP?

Meitu APP is a photo editing and shooting application launched in China in 2008. However, recently the application has become popular on social networks and has attracted a large number of young people to use it. This is an application that allows users to edit photos to look like a painting. Besides, many of these applications can help users look decades younger.

Meiu Apk

In addition, the application also gives users smart features such as face recognition, virtual reality technology, … And many modern features for users to get unique photos and videos. the most perfect on all operating systems of phones today.

Highlights of Meitu APP Xiu Xiu

Is one of the most intelligent and useful applications Meitu APP offers users a lot of unique and different features. This is possible thanks to outstanding features on Meitu APP such as:
The ability to quickly and accurately edit photos with just one touch. Thanks to intelligent AI technology, it analyzes the face to complete the corrections and contours in just a split second.

Meitu gives users a lot of beautiful effects to make the impossible possible. Especially with a variety of different effects, users will have a photo that becomes unique and surreal.
Color filters on Meitu APP are extremely diverse with hundreds of different filters that are very suitable for young people.

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Make-up delicate and light help users to cover themselves with a thin layer of fashionable and trendy makeup.
Another impressive feature of the Meitu application is the ability to edit videos. Equipped with tools, users can edit videos quickly and easily without having to use professional software.

The story of Meitu APP


Emerging as a phenomenon among Asian youth today, Meitu APP is an application that provides many interesting beauty and photo editing modes. American news site BGR also believes that this can be a formidable tool compared to other prominent names in terms of filters and photo editing capabilities.
In China, the domestic market is very interested in selfie apps like Meitu. Just walking around the streets of Shanghai, people will come across young couples using smartphones to take selfies anytime, anywhere.

But it is impossible not to mention the fact that they use photography applications that also smooth the skin and around the eyes more than the built-in camera application. Because of that, the living land of applications like Meitu APP is increasingly open and occupies a large number of users.
Meitu APP appeal comes from meeting everyone’s beauty tastes and the trend that Meitu APP is building on is beauty selfies and portrait collages.

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What’s interesting about the Meitu APP application

“Taking selfies on Meitu is like dressing and makeup. They are all ways to help people express themselves better,” said Hu, a travel agent about the Meitu app. Hu even said that this is like a cheap, convenient form of aesthetics that helps promote each individual better.

Meitu APK means a beautiful photo in Chinese, and that’s how the company of the same name was determined to bring Meitu APK image closer to everyone in its IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 2016. At that time, even the company’s brand value was up to 4.6 billion USD.

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It was Hong Kong’s biggesttech IPO in a decade. Analysts call Meitu APK a test to test the potential global impact of apps from China, especially targeting women, the largest user base.

According to Internet analyst William Chou from financial consulting and auditing network Deloitte China, Meitu APk truly represents the Chinese concept of beauty from the generation born in 1995 onwards. Chou added that photo sharing has become a global phenomenon.

Top 5 main features of the Meitu Xiu Xiu app

1. Face retouching with perfect proportions

Meitu app is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) facial expression correction feature, making it easy for you to retouch your face slimmer, Vline chin with balanced proportions, and sharper face.

2. Smart collage effect

With smart photo collage effects, you just need to choose your favorite collage effect, and the application will help your own posters and free photos… In addition, you can insert music and view photos before saving, then share with friends.

3. Put your photos in many cute photos frames

Meitu is equipped with many cute and unique photo frames and is updated every day to keep up with trends in Japanese/Korean styles. You are free to choose the photo frame that suits your own personality.

4. Hundreds of unique AR stickers

Like other photography applications, Meitu has many funny and lovely AR stickers with different emotions. You can easily adjust the sticker position so that the photo is the most reasonable and perfect.

5. Lots of impressive photo filters

With a variety of photo filters, with just one touch you have a beautiful photo with smooth skin, and an automatically slimmed body… fast and easy.


For us Meitu APP is an application we should experience with many great image editing and beautification capabilities. Meitu Does not provide users with comprehensive editing tools, from face editing to makeup, but there are still many filters waiting for us to discover.

But the highlights and Meitu APP recognize received positive reviews for its extensive editing options and creativity, but it remained uncontroversial. Users have raised concerns about the app’s data collection practices, which include collecting device details and location data.

That’s my personal opinion, what about you? Do you want to experience this magical Meitu app?




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