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Date 24/12/2023
SoundCloud is a popular online music player in the world. With the advantage of suggesting playlists based on music preferences, not only that, this is the application that always updates new songs quickly.

About SoundCloud?

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is understood as a website specializing in online music sharing with a variety of genres and different features. Coming to the SoundCloud application, you are allowed to download music, broadcast, and share audio as well as a DSP for you to listen and stream audio.
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Appeared on the online music market in August 2007 but only in 2008, SoundCloud was officially put into operation. SoundCloud’s headquarters is built in Berlin, Germany. After a period of establishment and development, SoundCloud Mp3 is increasingly strong with a series of improved quality features, providing the world’s leading music streaming service with more than 175 million monthly users.

What services does Soundcloud’s provide?

Not too different from today’s music streaming sites, SoundCloud APP opens up an interesting space for music, allowing users to register for an account to serve many different features.
Looking to SoundCloud, some users choose an application to store the sound of their personal music or their favorite music, etc. and others choose SoundCloud as a great, reputable space to upload. and broadcast their podcasts.
In addition, SoundCloud’s also considered a diverse music social network, a space for singers and fans to easily connect and chat with each other. Through the conversation, there will be good music releases.
SoundCloud’s also considered a diverse music social network, a space for singers and fans to easily connect and chat with each other.
Home: This is a personalized news feed that shows tracks posted and reposted by other SoundCloud users you follow.
Search: The button allows you to search for the specific songs and singers you want.
Collection: This is where you can access all of the music you’ve liked and your playlists. You can also view your profile by selecting the ellipsis icon in the top right corner of the screen.
Music player: This will be available when you start playing some music. Music player makes it easy to access whatever you’re listening to while browsing other tabs in the app.
Stream: Stream’s function is to allow you to quickly browse what’s trending. In addition, you can use Stream to find different music genres and forms of audio content as you like.

What does SoundCloud’s interface look like?

SoundCloud’s interface is simple and easy to use. When you enter the application, you will see the main sections such as Home, Search, Collection, Music Player, and Stream. In there, Music Player will display when you play a certain song. You can perform many other tasks at the same time without restriction.
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In addition, the application also has a Stream with the function of quickly browsing what is trending. For example, newly released songs, and top trending songs will be displayed as soon as possible.
This Stream feature allows you to browse through specific genres of music or forms of audio content.

5 main features of the SoundCloud application:

1. Suggested playlists based on music preferences

This is a feature that is loved by many users. You don’t need to spend too much time searching for songs with similar genres to the music you always listen to. A suggested playlist will appear as soon as you click on the song you are listening to.

2. Save music history

You accidentally recall the tune of a song you’ve heard on SoundCloud Mp3, but you don’t know what the name of the song is. Don’t worry, SoundCloud’s has helped you to save all the history of the songs you listen to.

3. Update new songs quickly

Sometimes it’s just demoing music or songs that have been covered and released by a freelance artist. You can’t find those songs on other music services. But okay! Because SoundCloud always updates the fastest new songs like no other.

4. Powerful music finder

You just need to press search for a keyword like a group name, artist, or music genre,… All tracks, creators or albums, and even playlists are displayed. out before your eyes. This seems to be a powerful music searcher and is always trusted by everyone.

5. Follow, and share your favorite artists

If you have a crush on an artist and always want to update his latest songs, the best way is to follow this artist’s SoundCloud account. And of course, if you want more people to know and care about your favorite artist, you just need to share your SoundCloud profile for everyone to enjoy.

Does SoundCloud cost a fee?

SoundCloud’s basically a free service for every listener and content creator. Everyone can listen to and upload music without any cost. But it also offers “premium” features that if you want to use it, you have to pay a little extra.
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What is SoundCloud Go?

SoundCloud Go and Go+ are two music streaming services of SoundCloud. It offers the same functionality as Spotify or Apple Music, meaning you can stream music and audio in the SoundCloud app and on the SoundCloud website. Most of these features are provided by SoundCloud for free to users, but if you want to download music to listen to offline and remove ads, you will have to pay.

What is SoundCloud Pro?

SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited are paid services exclusively for content creators. According to SoundCloud, 175 million users listen to music on their platform every month. Content creators can pay to upload more content, as well as track more statistics about their content. If you want to broadcast a weekly podcast or want to share a mind-boggling rock album that you’ve worked so hard to complete, you should subscribe to SoundCloud Pro.

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